Skylab developments does not have expertise in or do high level work on buildings, HVAC systems, fire protection, or structural engineering involving human safety.  We will not sign off on building drawings.

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Help For Independent Inventors:

The owner of Skylab Developments is an inventor himself with 4 patents in the last 6 years and additional patents currently pending with the patent office.  We know how hard it is to take your idea and turn it into a product, that's what we do.  The majority of Skylab's business is serving industrial and research customers but historically about 1/3 of our business has been in serving inventors and we're happy to do so.  Here are some of the ways we can help;

  • Taking a raw idea and determining the best mechanical strategy to pursue
  • Optimizing the design for production manufacturing
  • Creating photo realistic renderings to help investors and others "see" the potential of the product
  • Making patent drawings to USPTO standards
  • Making 3D printed prototypes
  • Machining or other fabrication of prototypes
  • Creating drawings which manufacturers can use to quote or produce your parts

​Mechanical Engineering & Product Development

Skylab Developments Inc.